Our State Legislature is tasked with writing and amending the laws for our state and determining how our tax dollars will be spent. These important decisions affect all of us in our day to day lives. The role of our elected officials is to be the voice of our community in Honolulu and advocate for the needs and priorities of our district. 

     I have been walking our district, from Paukaa to Honokaa, Waimea to Hawi, Waikoloa to the Kona Palisades asking you about your concerns. You have told me that you are concerned about the growing economic divide in our state, homelessness, the lack of job opportunities that allow for a sustainable livelihood and the increasing cost of living, particularly the costs of housing and energy.  You have shared with me that you want to see more support for public education, especially for our teachers and more opportunities outside of school for our children to learn and grow. You have expressed the need to protect our environment; clean water, renewable energy, cesspool conversions, invasive species and sustainable agriculture. I have heard your concerns about our infrastructure, crime and public safety, and access to affordable, quality medical services.  These are complex and challenging issues that require critical thinking and innovative solutions.  I have the necessary skills and experience to address these issues, and I am ready to put in the hard work to be your voice at the State Capitol.  

I would be honored to serve as your State Senator in District 4

                        Canvassing in Pa`auilo Mauka

                        Canvassing in Pa`auilo Mauka

Heather values people and community above all. Heather is compassionate, focused, intelligent and a very hard worker, qualities she will apply in service to our community.
— Quince Mento
Heather Kimball has shown that she cares deeply about our community and is willing to work hard and smart to make improvements. Heather is truly inspiring with solid plans and practical means to help her plans succeed.
— Jeri Gertz

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