Heather Kimball is a Progressive Democrat. Heather supports the basic tenants of the Progressive platform: equal rights, reducing the economic divide, labor rights, tax fairness, high quality, affordable education and training, environmental protection, universal healthcare, and restoring our democracy through greater public involvement and eliminating corporate money from politics.

Heather's goals for Hawaii are based on economic fairness and opportunity, access to high quality education, and environmental sustainability with the understanding that these can be achieved only by first meeting the basic needs of our community, including: social justice, employment opportunities, affordable housing, access to healthcare, and adequately funded public safety and infrastructure programs. 

 Economic Opportunity For All

With the high cost of basic necessities in Hawaii (housing, energy, food), more than half of our working families are living paycheck to paycheck. Yet, our state taxes lower income families at ten times the rate of our highest income earners. We need to diversify our economy, creating opportunities for high paying, skilled jobs, make sure our laws and tax structures support income equality and pay equity, and ensure that everyone contributes fairly to support necessary services provided by the state. Just like you, I envision a future where our children are able to flourish and raise their families here in Hawaii.

High Quality Education

Our four daughters have attended Hawaii's public schools. We know firsthand how committed our teachers are, and the struggles they face to provide a quality education our children in our underfunded system.  As a child of teachers, I value education and respect those to choose teaching as a profession. We need to implement proven strategies to give our children the schools that they deserve: smaller class sizes, fewer standardized test, more localized decision making, and we need to pay teachers as the professionals that they are. A quality education is the greatest gift we can give the next generation.

Environmental Resilience  

We all value Hawaii’s unique and fragile environment. However, as a state we have historically responded to environmental issues in crisis mode, rather than with long-term strategic planning. We need to engage in proactive measures the protect our environment for future generations; by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, implementing our biosecurity plan, preparing for the impacts of climate change and engaging in sustainable farming practices. We are at a unique point in history, where technology, what is good for the environment and what is good for our communities are in alignment.


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